Feedback: A Little Quiz

3. Feedback comes in two varieties: amplifying feedback and dampening feedback. Suppose an increase in variable A increases variable B. With amplifying feedback the higher value of B will work to make A even larger, but with dampening feedback, the higher value of B will tend to decrease the value of A. Decide whether each of these cases of feedback below represents amplifying or dampening feedback, then put a check mark in front of those items that are examples of DAMPENING feedback.

a. When income goes up, people spend more; when people spend more, income goes up.

b. When money stock is increased, price level rises; when price level rises, the amount of commodity money falls.

c. When the number of whales decreases, their price rises; when their price rises, people hunt more intensely.

d. When the number of cattle decreases, their price rises; when their price rises, producers produce more.

e. When people riot more, police respond with greater violence; as the police respond with greater violence, people riot more.

f. As a star collapses, its heat rises; the greater the heat, the more a star will expand.

g. The fatter John gets, the unhappier he is; the unhappier John gets, the more he eats.

h. As the oxygen in the blood declines, an animal breathes faster; as it breathes faster, the oxygen in the blood rises.

i. When prices rise, workers demand higher wages; as wages rise, producers increase their prices.

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