Dealing with Scarcity

3. One of Aesop's fables tells of a fox who one day saw a bunch of grapes that looked very delicious. The fox was hungry and made a mighty effort to jump up and grab the grapes, but they were just out his reach. Finally he gave up and left, saying to himself, "I bet they were sour."

a) Where can you see the problem of scarcity in this little story?
b) How did the fox initially try to deal with the problem of scarcity?
c) How did the fox ultimately deal with the problem?
d) Was the fox's final solution a bad solution, or is there merit in it?

(You can probably find the original story of the fox and the grapes by searching the Internet. What was the moral of the story supposed to have been? Can you find anyone else who thinks this little fable can illustrate an idea from economics?)

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