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Rationing and Allocating

Price as a Rationer

When economists talk about price rationing, non-economists often do not understand. This article from AmosWeb explains the concept:

Non-Price Rationing

CyberEcononics explains rationing by coupon in the U.S. during World War II. Here are a couple of sites that look at rationing by coupons in the UK during World War II:

Prices: Incentives and Communication Device

A blog at talks about the importance of information in prices, with a lengthy quotation from Friedrich Hayek:

Maybe I should have given something from Wikipedia here because it seems that the economics of information coming from Hayek was a source of inspiration for Wikipedia:

Price Controls

Government subsidized bread in Egypt has led to many problems, as this article in The New York Times explains:

Hugh Rockoff explains price controls in this long but informative entry in The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics:


In this article in the New York Times entitled, "In Niger, Trees and Crops Turn Back the Desert," see if you can find the role of private property rights:

Central Planning

Suppressing Market Information

Here is an article that explains the Austrian point of view in the socialist calculation debate of whether a socialist economy could be economically efficient:

Dollar Voting

An explanation of consumer sovereignty from The Quaker Economist:


What CyberEconomics calls destabilizing feedback is often called positive feedback. Except when it is called negative feedback. Confused? So is the The Wall Street Journal:

A Self-Correcting System

(I have not yet found a suitable entry here.)

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