No Hype, Just Type

What is it? The No-Hype Type CD (version 2) is a collection of 600 typefaces on CD-R. You can learn all about it on two web sites. Click either No-Hype or Just Type.

The No-Hype Type CD is very hard to find in stores. Distributors and retailers seem to view small developers as prey rather than as partners. I have largely given up on that channel after some bad experiences. The emergence of on-line auctions has been wonderful for this small developer.

Here is a link to the auctions I currently have on eBay. I almost always have auctions here.

Alhough its auctions halls are usually pretty empty, I sometimes list things at Yahoo. Check and see if anything is current.

Kagi provides services for shareware and other small developers. You can order the No-Hype Type CD via a credit card here at my kagi page. (However, it is much cheaper to buy it at auction.)

I used to colonize free web pages. Every time I found another place that offered them, I grabbed some space and put up a site. Unfortunately, they often come with a lot of annoying ads. Here are some of the places I once put stuff, but I rarely update any of them.

Geocities was the first site I found that offered a lot of free space. I have a lot of stuff here, including a copy of my specimen book, but I do not like all the extra windows they open, so I have not updated anything here for a very long time.

Angelfire offers only 200K, but they allow commercial messages (and I have one which tells how to order the No-Hype Type CD of typefaces).  

I have put some of my big files for downloading on Go here for the freebies I offer.

Tripod is another set of free pages I have utilized. I opened it to allow some overflow from the geocities site. I do not change these pages very often.

 A Polish localization of the Ingrimayne Type library is available with the title of 'Biblioteka Theta.' Polish uses a number of characters which are not in the standard character set used in the US, items such as 'A' and 'E' with a little hook on their bottoms (an ogonek) and a 'Z' with a dot over it. The localization was done by Kuba Tatarkiewicz, who had previously localized the Bitstream library.

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Robert Schenk (November 2000)

Altered Dec 2007