No Hype here--just lots of pictures of interesting type.

Catalog of the No-Hype Type CD

The 600 typefaces of the No-Hype Type CD can be viewed either alphabetically, or in the following design groups:

Display Fonts 1
Display Fonts 2
Distorted Fonts 1
Distorted Fonts 2
Informal Printing, etc
Monospaced Fonts
Old West Fonts
Sans Serif 1
Sans Serif 2
Novelty Fonts 1
Novelty Fonts 2
Text Fonts 1
Text Fonts 2
Medieval and Calligraphic 1
Medieval and Calligraphic 2
Chess Fonts
Dingbat Fonts 
New Novely Fonts
New Display Fonts
New Decorative Fonts

Each page contains a short sample of many fonts. To see an almost-complete character set for any font, click on the name of the typeface under the sample. You may have to wait a bit, as these sets have big graphics. (The almost complete sets were constructed on a Macintosh, and some of the characters shown my not be available in Windows. On the other hand, there may be characters available in Windows, such as several fractions, which are not generally available on the Mac.) The question mark character "?" separates the standard ASCII characters from those above ASCII range. The rectangles which populate a few of the character sets are missing character symbol for TrueType, which was the format used to construct the character sets. If there were a great many missing characters, I sometimes removed some of the rectangles.

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