Make Your Own Mazes

If you love mazes and have an older Macintosh that will run Mac OS-9, you may enjoy the Virtual Maze Book-Lite, a cute little program that generates mazes that you can print and solve. (Sorry, there is no Windows version and no Mac OS-X version and there probably never will be. When I was developing this program in the early 1990s, I was unsure about the best way to use it. I thought that maybe there would be a market for the program rather than the books. Now I realize that it was a mistake to ever try to make money from the program itself. Its best use was and is as a proprietary system to make maze books.) Download the Virtual Maze Book (lite) (Mac Classic only)

Mazes On The Web

When I developed this page many years ago, there were very few maze resources on the internet. Now there are a lot more, though a few of the early ones are gone. Here is one of the really old sites:

This site allows you to create very large mazes:

This site allows you to produce mazes in the shape of a Christmas tree or a valentine. Visit it at

Some more good maze generators:, and

On this site you can watch the maze being generated and then solved:

Some sophisticated mazes are available at:

Here are some mazes for kids that download as pdf files:

If you want to make your own maze online instead of getting one to solve, you can do it here:

At this site you maneuver through the maze on the screen:

The web address is great, but the mazes are only so-so:

And if you want more, here is a site with a ton of links to all kinds of things mazy:

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