Puzzling Typography: Mazes with Letter Tessellations

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From the Introduction:

To complete Amusing Alphabet Mazes, I used about twenty tessellation patterns. Several months after finishing it, I began to wonder if a similar book using only tessellation patterns of letters was possible. Puzzling Typography: Mazes with Letter Tessellations demonstrates that it is.

The letters T and L were the easiest letters to tessellate; I found over ten pattens for each and there are undoubtedly many more. In contrast, K and R are very difficult to tessellate. Some letters are easy to tessellate, but the resulting patterns do not fit well with my maze construction system, which is based on grids of squares, hexagons, or triangles. In these cases I have often rotated and skewed the patterns to make them fit the grid. There are many examples of these alterations throughout the book (see for example, the E maze on page 12.) Finally, letters A, B, D, O, P, Q, and R have counters (interiors) and I am a bit inconsistent in how I treated them.

Most of the patterns in this book were discovered by trial and error and without a doubt others have found them in the same way. Some of the patterns were adapted from or inspired by things I found on the Internet. One notable display of letter tessellations is that of Scott Kim, who found a way to tessellate all the lower-case letters. You can find variants of his f, r, t and y patterns in the mazes.

This is my third book of letter mazes. My first, Easy Alphabet Mazes, is intended for small children. Amusing Alphabet Mazes is meant for older children and adults, as is this book. The mazes in this book are moderately difficult. Solutions, should you need them, are included at the end.

There are 84 mazes in this book because my goal was to create a book 108 pages long. The reason for that length is that CreateSpace, Amazon's print-on-demand arm, charges for printing in a way that makes 108 a magic number. Because I ended with more than 84 tessellation patterns, some of the patterns used in Amusing Alphabet Mazes were not used in this book.

I hope you enjoy working the mazes as much as I enjoyed creating them. I apologize for any errors that remain.

Robert Schenk
August, 2012

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