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Actions and Results

Musical Chairs

Lots of people have lost a lot of money in various pyramid schemes:

Do not see interactions as zero-sum when they are not:

Contingent Behavior
More Contingent Behavior

(The above two sections treat material in a way that is very unconventional in introductory economics, and so far I have not found good sites for linking.)

Production Possibilities

The site has a collection educational materials. Here is a simple, standard exposition of the production-possibilities frontier:

Exchange and Consumption

One of the important insights that can be gotten from the production-possibilities frontier is that exchange can benefit both parties especially when they are very different:


 Steven Landsburg wrote a funny but thought-provoking essay on why he is not an environmentalist:

The Commons

Garrett Hardin, who seems to be the one who invented the term Tragedy of the Commons, explains the logic of the commons:

This site at MIT is too much fun not to mention. It lets you put cows in the field and see what happens to production:

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