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Welcome to CyberEconomics, a complete, online textbook for introductory economics. CyberEconomics is an easy-to-read approach to economics with a variety of interactive problems and questions. It not only can be used as the primary textbook for college or advanced high-school principles-of-economics courses, but it provides excellent supplemental material for economics courses using traditional, printed textbooks, Finally, many people who are trying to understand one or two economic concepts find CyberEconomics a useful reference.

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Notice: I changed the organization of several of the Micro selections, separating out and making a separate grouping for externalities, public goods, and commonly-owned resources. I think this organization makes more sense than what I previously had, but apologize to anyone who is inconvenienced by the change or who is annoyed by the inevitable loose ends that accompany changes like this. Feb 28, 2011


Table of Contents

. . .

What is Economics?

Actions and Results

The Individual and The Group

The Model of Supply and Demand

Micro Selections

Macro Selections

Elasticity and Revenue

Economic Catastrophes

Rationing and Allocating

Growth and Development

The Logic of Choice

Measuring the Economy

Maximizing Behavior


The Firm and Its Constraints

Financial Markets

Maximizing Profits

Money Matters


Banks Create Money

Information and Risk

Business Cycle Theories

Externalities and Property Rights

The Multiplier Model

Government and Efficiency

Resource Markets


Fiscal Policy Today

Monopoly and Efficiency

.Monetary History

Transport Costs and Borders


List of Micro Topics

Index of Macro Topics

Extra Features (Preface, Optional Material, Etc.)

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