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Problems and Exercises

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Notes on Organization
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Expanded Table of Contents:

Introduction and Micro Chapters
Macro Chapters
Alternative Organization--Micro

Alternative Organization for Microeconomics

Optional Sections and Chapters

(I hate to throw away sections I have spent many days writing even when they no longer fit. This heading lets me keep them, but pull them out of the main structure.)

Answers to Discussion Questions

What is Economics? / Actions and Results
Individual and The Group / Supply and Demand
Elasticity and Revenue / Rationing and Allocating
The Logic of Choice / Maximizing Behavior
Firm and Its Constraints / Maximizing Profits
Efficiency / Information, Risk & Exclusion
Government and Efficiency / Problems in Resource Markets
Monopoly and Efficiency / Transport Costs and Borders
Economic Catastrophes/Measuring Economic Aggregates
Connections/Financial Markets
Money Matters/Banks Create Money
Business Cycle Theories /The Multiplier Model/The Labor Market
Fiscal Policy today/Monetary History


Grading Policy
An Economic Proof that...
Why Are Gas Prices So High?


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June 2008