I Raised The Gas Prices. Really!

People assume that since I teach economics, I should be able to answer all their economic questions, such as: "What will the stock market do?" and "Are we going to have a recession this year?" I usually cannot be of much help. But now when they ask, "Why are gas prices so high?" I can answer that they are high because I raised them. And I have proof! In the picture below, that is ME raising gas prices.

The pole that I am using telescopes out and has a suction cup on the end. You wet the suction cup and with it you take down or put up numbers. There is enough of a ledge up there for them to catch. It took me close to half an hour to raise prices, and I even had someone complain to me while I was doing it. The conversation went something like this:

He: Are you lowering prices?
Me: No. They are going up. But if you fill up now you will get the old prices.
He: You just raised prices two weeks ago. And you have not had a delivery here for three months.
Me, to myself: Sunk costs are not relevant. It is replacement costs that matter. Even a fool should know that.

So now you know who to blame. It is all my fault.

 Revenge of a Bicyclist

 R Schenk
June 2008

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