Notes on Organization

This material began its life as a printed textbook which I worked on for most of the 1980s. Though I still think it was one of the better textbooks available, no one else did. I have recycled, revised, and improved that material in the process of making it available for the world via the web.

There are two ways you can view this material. One is to approach it as an on-line textbook via the table of contents which direct you to 25-30 topic areas. Each area is chopped up into small reading passages followed by questions. You can easily move back and forth from table of contents to each of the content areas. Each content area has an overview page, and you can move back and forth between it and any topic in that area. The structure of the book is now much more open than it was when it was in printed form, and can be outline in a picture such as the one below.

Alternatively, you can treat the material as a reference source by using the two indexes. Select the topic you are interested in, and you will be able to visit that particular topic. If you are using the site as a supplement to a printed textbook, this may be a useful way to approach it.

One of the features of the material is that most readings end with a selection of review questions, which you can get by clicking on the button that looks like this:

If you answer the question incorrectly, you will be given a response telling you that you were wrong, and you will either be allowed to go back to the reading topic or try the question again. There are usually a series of two or three questions, and when you are done, you can return to the overview of the section or go on to the next topic.

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Robert Schenk
April 2002