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Banks Create Money

From Commodity to Bank-Debt Money

A reader recommended this page as having lots of useful links:

A rather old article that has the goldsmith-to-banker story.

Creating Money

(I have not yet found an appropriate entry for this topic.)

Checking Account Money

This link is the start of a series of pages from the Federal Reserve that show you the birth, life, and death of a check:

And here is another page at the Fed that does the same thing in a different way:

Check Clearing and Money Creation

In the process of check clearing, something called "float" appears. Read this piece from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to learn what it is:

The Federal Reserve and Monetary Policy

This link to the Federal Reserve brings up a page of links. You need to follow these inks to learn about Federal Reserve monetary policy:

Here is a fun site from the Federal Reserve that tries to explain monetary policy with little animations:

Monetary Policy and Balance Sheets

This page from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York explains what is on the balance sheet of the Fed without ever showing you a balance sheet:

Big Changes 2008

A brief statement from the Fed describing its new policy tool of paying interest on required reserve balances and excess reserves:

These links were checked on July 5, 2008.

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