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Financial Markets


What does a bank do? The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco provides an answer:

The Role of the U.S. Government
Instruments and Rates

The late Paul Heyne explains interest rates:

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco examines the difference between debt and equity markets:

Portfolio Choice

In 1990 Harry Markowitz won a Nobel Prize in Economics for his work about trading off risk for return that established the analysis of portfolio choice. Read about it at the web site for Nobel Prizes:

Speculators and Markets

John Stoessel write in praise of speculators:

Market for Foreign Exchange

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco has a concise summary of financial markets, including the market of foreign exchange, and why they are important:

Fixed Exchange Rates

The New York Federal Reserve explains devaluations and revaluations, events that happen with fixed exchange rates:  

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