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Maximizing Utility

Indifference Curves

Indifference curves are a bit technical for introductory economics, and hence any explanation of them is a bit technical. Here is an explanation that lets you interact with a graph:

Deriving Demand

The exploration of indifference curves begun above continues, and you can even derive three points on a demand curve using it:

Here is another high-tech look at deriving a demand curve from indifference curves:

Rational Ignorance

Robert Stonebraker explains rational ignorance in this web-based Joys of Economics: Making Sense out of Life:

John Tierney's article "Appeasing the gods, with insurance" is too good not to include somewhere:


Here is a short summary of what some key starting points of behavioral economics:

In-Kind and Cash Transfers

Here is a short paper trying to explain why in-kind transfers are so popular even though economists keep saying that they are not as good as cash transfers:

Present Value

The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics gives a very short explanation of present value:

Bond Prices

Why do bond prices decrease when interest rates rise? The Motley Fool explains one of the key relationships that investors should know:

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