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Marginal Productivity and Income

The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics at had a large number of entries that fit well in this group of readings, many written by top people in the field. Gary Becker, who won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1992, explains the importance of human capital:

The Real Wage

Tournament Theory

Forbes magazine has a good article on tournament theory written by Tim Harford, who blogs at the Financial Times as the Undercover Economist:

Winner Take All

Reason magazine reviews a book and has a skeptical take on winner-take-all markets:

What is Fair?

Robert Stonebraker from Winthrop University tries to explain the difficult idea of fairness:

Satirist P.J. O'Rourke gives advice to college graduates, including some words about fairness:,0,3597821,full.story

Measuring the Distribution of Income

Roger McCain's explains the Lorenz Curve. This page is the first of several that develop his explanation. Click on his next button to get the whole discussion, including a discussion of the Gini coefficient.

Government Redistribution

Joel Slemrod of the University of Michigan explains the purpose and effects of progressive taxation, one of the ways government attempts to redistribute income:

Isabel Sawhill of the Brookings Institution looks at poverty in the U.S. and the government attempts to reduce it:

Government Redistribution II

Dwight Lee takes a skeptical look at attempts of the government to reduce income disparities in the U.S. in yet another entry from The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics:

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