Move Novelty Fonts!!

You may think the flier for the Novelty Opera exhausts my supply of novelty fonts, but you are wrong. Here is a bunch more!

The fonts in this sample are, in order of appearance, LettergicalWave, JetJaneButton, ChainLetterOne, KlipJoint, UUeirdieWarp, KolkmanShatter, Zarrow, YahoschWormy, WaterWorksCaps, WaterCloset, Brrrrr, Toothbrush, CoughingNails, AntsyPantsy, BuggyFont, MousyFont, CrippledFont, AndrewAndyKactus, CourtJestureFrizzy, Dinner, KneeblsRuffled, and NewLibrary. An earlier version of Zarrow was released as shareware, but none of the others have been. If they are floating out there in cyberspace, they are pirated copies and should be avoided by moral persons.

The original name I gave to WaterCloset was YearInYearOutYoureInUrine, but I was told that this name was too long and it was also offensive. The name was inspired, I suspect, by an old English professor I worked with in West Virginia, who, when leaving the faculty restroom would announce to the next visitor, "It's all your-en."

There is a real Death Valley, and, despite its name, it is a great place to visit during the winter and early spring. When I was there my lodgings were better than at the non-existent Broken Arrow Lodge, though I must say that I did not enjoy sleeping on the floor. I visited Scotty's Castle and was wined and dined by the mysterious Abigail Fox, who has since, I have heard, moved on to Alaska.

I have done other novelty fonts, but enough is enough. You get the idea.

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altered Dec 2007