After I had designed a number of typefaces, I had to find a way to illustrate them. Initially I tried paper documentation, but this was too expensive for my small scale. When the web arrived, I tried using html as a way of providing on-line documentation. My first effort was a simple specimen book.

I have since tried some other ways of illustrating typefaces. I am not at all sure they are effective, but some of them were a lot of fun to do. If you have some time to waste, you may enjoy rummaging though the items below.

A Story about the Old West told using "Old-West" fonts.

A memo explaining how to reform college grades, used to illustrate monospaced fonts.

Outrageous fonts in ridiculous places--fun with novelty fonts.

Read about a hero of mine.

Metamorphosis, or how to breed fonts for fun, if not for profit.

A look at medieval, script, handwritten, and calligraphic fonts without a story line.

Seasonal dingbat or picture fonts , and others just for the fun of it.

An experiment to see if I could use a QuickTime movie for display

Decorating a CD-ROM

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