Sometimes people need dingbats with a seasonal theme. Here are four dingbat fonts that I have used seasonally.

A chilling thought--snow flakes. But they are very decorative in the winter. The above typeface is called SchneeFlaken, and there is also a version with the letters rotated 30 degrees (or 90 degrees, if you find that easier to visualize) called ScheeFlakenTwo.

In spring the world renews, and the butterfly is the symbol of renewal and resurrection. Most of these are not real, but who cares. This typeface is called ComputerBugz.

The sun sears and scorches in the summer. Can you see a summer theme here? This typeface is called Galaxies.

Even though leaves are with us all summer, we notice them more in the fall, when we have to rake them up. I have neighbors who have cut down their trees so they will not have to bother with them in the fall, so I am sure that to them, leaves meant autumn. These leaves are common in Indiana. The typeface above is called LeafMeAlone.

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altered Dec 2007