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Some people have a knack for scripts, but I am not one of them. I have found them to be the most difficult of all styles to do well. There are lots of different sorts of scripts, but most of them have an elegance to them. The above face, with the name EdwardEdwin, is an attempt at what may be the most elegant of script styles.

Most of the scripts that I have had any success with have been calligraphic scripts. This one, called Swirlity, comes in both bold and plain. This is the bold.

This calligraphic script is called Vunderscript, and it too comes in plain and bold, with this being the bold. I probably thought it was a wonder, or vunder, that it came out as well as it did.

IngrianaCasualItalic is a semi-script and actually serves as the italic version of an informal typeface.


Handana is one of a number of informal calligraphic faces, to which we can now turn. It comes in plain and bold, with this being the plain version.

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