The Individual and The Group


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Prisoner's Dilemma

Dilbert knows what the Prisoner's Dilemma is, but does not understand its implications in this short cartoon clip. What does he not understand?

The logic of the prisoner's dilemma is illustrated in the British game show, Golden Balls. The payoffs are not quite right for the prisoner's dilemma. Can you explain why?


In this Monty Python skit, an orphan is trying to explain charity to the merchant banker who knows nothing other than self interest.

Do economists assume that people are like the merchant banker? If not, what assumption do economists make?


Jodie Beggs explains the prisoners' dilemma and some of its implications.

An explanation of why the tit-for-tat strategy works so well.

Central Planning

This sample from a longer PBS documentary examines the collapse of the Soviet Union. What, according to the video, caused the collapse? What, if anything, could the leaders of the Soviet Union done to prevent the collapse?

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