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The Multiplier Model

The Simple Multiplier Model

Amosweb explains the simple Keynesian multiplier model:

Investment and Government

This site has little if any educational value, but it is extremely funny. Or at least I thought so:

Introducing Taxes is a favorite site for many of my students when they need to read Hamlet or the Odyssey. It also has a limited offering of economics:

Some Different Views

The "Ask Dr. Econ" column at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco explains the difference between fiscal and monetary policy:

Paradox of Thrift

This article at explaining the paradox of thrift has some interactive graphs that should make everything perfectly clear:


Alan Blinder, who has served both as a governor of the Federal Reserve System and on the Council of Economic Advisors, explains the essentials of Keynesian Economics in The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics:

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