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The Logic of Choice

Goals and Benefits

Economists do not worry about where our wants and desires come from. Some people think advertising is important. Here is a fun review of a fun book about advertising:

This review in The Wall Street Journal also raises questions of where our wants come from:

Utility Functions

Arnold Kling explains the economic concept of utility in his on-line book:

Constraints and Costs

The notion of cost is essential to economics:

The Budget Line

This page from MIT lets you play with a budget line:

The Best Option
The Maximization Principle

One of my favorite authors, Steven Rhoads, explains why the marginal way of looking at problems is important:

The Equimarginal Principle

The website seems to allow people to post questions, which others then answer. I have not found anything else that they have on economics, but they did have a short explanation of the equimarginal principle:

Rational Ignorance

Robert Stonebraker explains rational ignorance in this web-based Joys of Economics: Making Sense out of Life: 

John Tierney's article "Appeasing the gods, with insurance" is too good not to include somewhere:

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